"Eco Source, Grow Locally, Plant Locally"

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Liberty Park Native Tree Nursery is located close to Omaha beach and estuary, approximately 15km west of Warkworth. The Nursery is on the fertile, sheltered Omaha Flats, just 2km from the unique Omaha Forest Reserve and close to Mount Tamahunga Bush Reserve.

Liberty Park Native Tree Nursery aims to encourage, promote and assist in the conservation and rehabilitation of the natural environment. Our primary objective is to produce hardy, ecologically sourced native plants and trees.

Liberty Park believes in eco-sourcing. This is the sourcing of indigenous New Zealand plants and propagation material from local naturally occurring stands of vegetation. Our services are tailored to suit our individual clients' requirements. They include consultations, landscape design / plans, project management, site preparation, supply of plants, planting and maintenance.

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